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Community Video
by Unknown
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In fact, stormtroopers did descend on a rave in Utah over the weekend, and someone caught this segment of it on camera. Amazing footage.
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Prelinger Archives
by Encyclopaedia Britannica Films
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Frightening civil defense procedure film aimed at Cold War-era elementary school students.
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Topic: Atomic-nuclear: Civil defense
Universal Newsreels
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(1) Operation Pershing by 1st Cavalry in South Vietnam, village burned, residents relocated, field hospital treats civilians (2) "Home From The Sea" - carrier USS Coral Sea returns from duty in Vietnam (3) News In Brief - LBJ signs 25th amendment; mercy ship Phoenix manned by Quaker pacifists sails from Japan; paper airplane contest; Christian Dior in Paris shows hats with African styles (4) Sports - first Canadian Winter Games at Quebec City feature skaters; Winter Motocross race in...
Universal Newsreels
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(1) Mideast war develops from Gulf of Aqaba blockade; Arab socialists support Nasser in Cairo, Nasser signs pact with Hussein; Jordan tanks roll; chief-of-staff Rabin and officers (2) news in brief - 2 US helicopters make 1st nonstop transatlantic flight to Paris; world's largest jetliner DC-8 at Paris Air Show (3) Boston Roxbury riots, stores burn at night; 40 arrested (4) Vietnam - entire village evacuated from DMZ (5) Quemoy underground facilities manned by free Chinese, balloons sent to...
Community Video
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US Army footage from Operation Baker of the 3rd BDE, 25th Infantry Division on 5/11/1967. Most of the silent footage shows foot soliders and tanks uneventfully on patrol. The latter part shows troops setting fire to civilian huts, shooting farm animals and putting Ace of Spades playing cards into the mouths of dead Viet Cong. Originally shot on film, dubbed from 3/4" video from the National Archives College Park facility. National Archives Information Locator Control Number:...
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Topics: vietnam, military, tanks
Prelinger Archives
by Davis (Sid) Productions
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Early (and sensational) film on marijuana use as a route to heroin addiction.
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Topics: Substance abuse: Drugs, Teenagers, California: Los Angeles
Prelinger Archives
by Airlie Productions
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Traces the history of opium and how it has led to the present day usage of heroin. Examines the methods and procedures of organized crime in transporting the drug to the United States and its toll on the streets of America. Includes methods of combatting the problem and interviews with addicts who discuss their compulsion for drugs. Narrator: Paul Newman. Directors: Charles E. Francis, William Templeton. Producer: Frank Kavanaugh.
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Topics: Substance abuse: Drugs, Crime and criminals, Cities: U.S.
A/V Geeks
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Topics: military, Vietnam